“For your global well-being:

physical, mental, social and spiritual.”


Disciplines and structures:         


Biomusic Music therapy (sound bed)






Sauna, Turkish bath, frigidarium, emotional shower


Sound massages

Candle massage with vegetable butters

Hot stone

Lomi Lomi

Californian Massage

Energy flow balance massage

Total body deep relaxation

Scalp and hair

Foot massage

Anti-stress neck and shoulder

Anti-stress total body

Draining massage

Sports massage


In an uncontaminated, naturalistic context (spacious private estate) we offer weeks and weekends of well-being in full respect of authenticity of the disciplines proposed. Our operators are highly specialised and operate exclusively in their sectors of competence.



The term “Ayurveda” comes from Ayu “life” and veda “knowledge“ which may therefore be translated as “knowledge of life” or better still “the art of living” in that it is aimed at encouraging the physical,  psychic, spiritual and social well-being of the individual. A very ancient medicine of Indian origin, it takes care not only of pathologies but also maintenance of one’s own well-being and prevention of illnesses.

The massage acts on the deep tissues, it allows one to eliminate wastes, it reactivates the body’s energy flow and strengthens the capacities for self-healing of one’s own organism. For this purpose it uses therapeutic oils extracted from herbs. Read more >>>

Biomusic/Biophonic  (Sound and well-being)

This practice, which is about 3,000 years old, is based on the influence that sound has on people. Currently used around the world and particularly in Switzerland, sound massage is a relaxing and emotional therapy against stress, which in taking advantage of the exceptional sound absorption capacity of the human body, at the same time stimulates mind and body using sound and vibration as tools for deep relaxation, as well as for rehabilitation and therapy. Read more >>>

Candle massage with vegetable butters

Enter the multi-sensorial world of the massage candles. Immerge yourself in the light, plunge into the scents and colour, quench your skin with the massage candles. Let yourself be pampered by the pleasant sensation of the drops of that light and fluid vegetable butter that fall on your skin nourishing it, tonifying it, moisturising it and dissolving your tensions, bringing agreeableness, tone and vigour to your body, freeing it from inhibitions and fatigue, recharging you with well-being and new passions.

The exclusive fragrances used, fruit of aromacological research, intensify the pleasure and the effect of relaxation.

Different lines are available with differentiated aims: tonify and strengthening (karitè butter and soya butter, ancestral and balsamic scent); protect (karitè butter and almond butter, emollient and excellent after sun); energise (karitè butter. sweet almond butter and rice milk); smooth (karitè butter and cocoa butter, refreshing, emollient, fresh and talcum like scent); pamper (karitè butter and mango butter, intoxicating scent of exotic fruit, playful, instinctive, sensual massage); equalise (karitè butter and aloe vera butter, delicately scented of fresh dew, equalising and tonifying); rejoice (karitè butter and coconut butter, ancestral scent of amber, moisturizing and nutrient for arid skin

Hot stone massage

Ancient form of massage from the Far East which originates from Nepal,  Tibet and western China where it developed more than 7,000 years ago,  later also spreading to India, Mexico, Malaysia and Arizona.

One rubs the skin with heated stones of volcanic origin.

The aim is to stimulate the energy points, thereby eliminating anxiety and stress. It is based on the alternating of hot/cold. With the application of hot and cold stones one accelerates the circulation which influences the elimination of toxins. The sensation of heat on the skin contributes to relaxing the muscles and helps to dissolve contractures.

Lomi Lomi

Ancient Hawaiian ritual that brought man to the true awareness of himself. Still now it is practised in Hawaii to bring man back to a sensitivity of his own body giving him coordination and balance. The rhythm of the merry Hawaiian music encourages the integration between mind, body and spirit. This “energetic” massage carried out with hot oils is a unique opportunity to promote a multi-dimensional change and conquer the serenity of the pacific lifestyle of the ocean that washes over these islands.

Californian Massage

Elaborated in California at the end of the 1960s by some very famous therapeutics and experts of holistic culture  CM insists on the concept of “contact” and “relation” through fluid, enveloping,  rhythmic,  circular,  lengthy  movements that have the precise aim of “embracing “ and “wrapping” the person who receives them making him/her feel accompanied and pampered as never before to bring out from the depths the emotions that mental conscience  had forgotten, but not the body re-equilibrating the two elements.

Energy flow balance massage

This is a combination of preliminary touches taken from psychosomatic massage, energetic manoeuvres and energy discharges. It is harmonising in that it places the accent on the balance between shape – action – psyche, necessary to guarantee an unblocking of energy.

 Head and hair massage with amla oil

The head is a zone rich in nerve endings and despite its low muscle mass the pleasure that derives from its palpation is well known to one and all. Suffice it to think of the relief of a shampoo after a day of stressful work. The head is the zone of control and the point of coordination of the entire psychosomatic set, so massaging the head means contributing to the relaxing of thoughts in the rebalancing of body, mind and spirit.

It is a traditional massage from India, used on a daily basis to strengthen hair and to make them softer and shinier. The scalp massage envisages a total relaxation; with soft and varied manipulations it encourages microcirculation and prevents headaches and insomnia.

 Foot massage

The feet (microcosm) are part of man (macrocosm) and reflect the person with all his/her characteristics: energetic, physiological, anatomical, emotional, mental, psychological and even spiritual.
If one takes care of the feet, by “reflex” one takes care of the person.
A foot massage is therefore not only a relaxing treatment and extremely gratifying but useful for well-being in general.

 Draining massage

A draining and depurative massage. Its main effects regard the stimulation of the blood and lymphatic system. Thus there derives an anti-cellulite and haemo-lymphatic massage able to slow down the processes of senescence and of disintoxicating the organism.

  Anti-stress massage- neck and shoulder

An anti-stress, nape, neck, cervical vertebrae, shoulder massage. Often in our mind thoughts follow one another without a truce, creating that annoying symptom called “stress”. This treatment has been thought up to help to understand that between one thought and another there is always a little space and in that space we can try to relax ourselves and find peace within us.

 Anti-stress massage-total  boby

Relaxing total body massage with moisturising cream. It helps to free oneself from the tensions that accumulate at the muscle level.

Free consulting for a personalised treatment

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