The term “Ayurveda” comes from Ayu “life” and veda “knowledge“ which may therefore be translated as “knowledge of life” or better still “the art of living” in that it is aimed at encouraging the physical, psychic, spiritual and social well-being of the individual. A very ancient medicine of Indian origin, it takes care not only of pathologies but also maintenance of one’s own well-being and prevention of illnesses.
The massage acts on the deep tissues, it allows one to eliminate wastes, it reactivates the body’s energy flow and strengthens the capacities for self-healing of one’s own organism. For this purpose it uses therapeutic oils extracted from herbs.
Our operator is a doctor in ayurvedic medicine from exceptional curriculum:
Two years of basic medicine in the Netherlands at the Qing Bai institute Amersfoort,-7 years Ayurvedic medicine at the Academy for Ayurvedic studies in Amsterdam . Graduation. 3 internships of six weeks each in an Ayurvedic hospital in India, 5 years yoga at Saswitha stichting – Netherlands – Professor, 5 languages.


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