Sound Bed Massage

By sound bed one means a wooden instrument of music therapy on which the subject lies. It is equipped with numerous strings placed on the part facing the floor. The strings generate the same note allowing one to add secondary vibrations (harmonics) to the sound generated which caress the body with absorption of the sound waves.
The sound/Biomusica massage is rooted in very ancient knowledge of the effect of sound and its influence on human beings which dates back to more than 3,000 years ago and was used in Vedic curative arts.
Currently it is a method recognised and used successfully in Germany and other European and non-European countries in different fields: in the sector of well-being as well as at a therapeutical level.
The stress of daily life makes us subject to illnesses thereby negatively influencing the quality of our lives and disturbing the interior harmony of the individual.
The sound massage is a very effective method of deep relaxation: the ideal solution to remove tension, muscular and mental blocks and to stimulate the self-healing forces.

Hereinafter some of its most important effects:

• Rapid reaching of a state of relaxation, in that the sound goes to touch primordial trust of the human being.

• In a state of deep relaxation the subject frees him/herself from tensions, contractions and interior blocks.

• Every individual cell of the body is gently massaged and harmonised (the human body is sound absorbent)

• Self-awareness, creativity and productive force are positively influenced

• The forces of self-healing are stimulated and this generates a new joy for living

• The sound massage operates holistically going to touch the mind, body and soul.

The sound massage can also be carried out with the support of musical instruments such as: Tibetan bells, gongs, Sansula (Kalimba) and ocean drums.

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