One Hundred Castles amid the Hamlets


In a short stretch of land nature presents an extraordinary variety of landscapes: high grasslands, green pastures, rolling hills rich in vineyards and a long trail of villages dominated by 1mighty castles.
It’s sufficient to drive along the roads through the hamlets to understand right away that you are in a place out of time, in a place in which the strong sense of beauty is due to the presence of these one hundred impressive castles.
Some destroyed by centuries old abandon, others better preserved, which immediately recall past times, made up of brave knights, beautiful princesses, powerful lords and faithful servants about which to recount legends.
In the valleys the mysteries of courts, lost loves or of grim places in which mysterious abductions occurred are still jealously hidden … It is also said that on moonless nights shadowy ghosts come out and that they populate those valleys, on whose peaks are nestled the impenetrable forts.
An ancient and substantial heritage of tradition and legend unravels along the path of the hundred castles that from Fosdinovo to Pontremoli, from Fivizzano to Aulla and throughout the Lunigiana preserve an extraordinary casket of artistic and cultural memories.

And not only… If you cross the medieval bridges and pass under the arcades of the ancient market, if you walk step by step on these paving stones, you will feel the soul of this land entering inside you.
Tranquillity, peace, silence: here time seems to have been crystallised.
Everywhere on these streets you will be able to hear the echoes of a far off life, made of simplicity: here shopkeepers, tailors, apothecaries, cobblers and vendors once set up shop and built their homes…

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